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Green Gypsy Mini Skirt with Wine Lace

Green Gypsy Mini Skirt with Wine Lace

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Enter your height and, optionally, the measurements you want. This piece is custom made for you.

Handmade Gypsy skirt, made from 100% cotton fabric, and lastex at the waist, emphasizing curves and comfort. Light and quality material, ideal for different occasions. Extremely comfortable, with details in traditional Brazilian lace fabrics. This is a piece of clothing that really shapes the female body, highlighting its best qualities. Double stitching, which guarantees twice the durability.

Lace clothing has existed in Brazil as a family economy for centuries in the Northeast region, where it has helped families as a primary and secondary source of sustenance, allowing them to survive in the driest region of the country and even today the techniques are passed on to older generations. young people, enabling a beautiful and refined work in terms of clothes, using cotton and lace sets.

ATT. Inform your height after making the purchase, this way we can make your piece personalized.

All of our products are handmade with materials that seek to preserve the environment, as well as techniques that include recycling and reusing materials and fabrics.

    *Your order is custom made, taking 2 to 7 business days of production. In case of urgency, please contact our team.

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