Who we are

The seed

Goa Nomads is a Brazilian store, created based on ideas created in Berlin, 2011, when its founders lived there. Amid the most different cultures and religions, it was possible to have the creative insight that allowed us to bring ethnic fashion to you. Our family is made up of three creative minds, Davi Maciel, Ivie Souza and Leidy Silva, currently residing in Brazil. Together we come up with ideas and turn them into personalized clothes and accessories.

We are all unique

The initial idea of ​​creating clothes for personal use and for friends became a clothing brand when we discovered that our need was also that of many others: comfortable, versatile clothes that broke the paradigm of "being normal" existing in society. For us, this normal does not exist. We are all unique and different, each with our own individual way of being.

Simplifying Life

Everyday experiences teach us about different lifestyles. The difficulties we all go through on a daily basis drive us to evolve and connect with each other. This connection brought us the need to create something accessible to everyone. Simplify people's lives through Fair Trade. It's not about value, it's about principles. Nature shows this through the elements, as the simple interaction between them generates everything that exists. We create clothes and accessories for simple people who seek balance. After all, everyone deserves to feel good.

Nomad Spirit

Experiences at Trance Festivals, such as OZORA Festival, in Hungary, Boom Festival, in Portugal, as well as other festivals around the world, such as Lost Theory (Croatia/Spain), Freqs of Natur (Germany), Apsara (Romania), SUN Festival, Huéznar, Pulsar, Universo Paralello, etc.; allowed us to gain the necessary expertise to create extremely light and useful clothing for the alternative audience, focusing mainly on the Trance audience, and also on everyone who fits into the growing range of differentiated people who prefer personalized items to using industrialized and mass-produced clothing. Large scale.

Hand in hand with Nature

The love of art and the desire for a fairer world guided us on this path which, for our team, is a way of not only allowing people to live more comfortably and happily, but also using clothes and accessories that emphasize the sustainability, as a way of preserving the environment and Mother Earth.

Embracing our Origin

Furthermore, it is our objective to promote the local culture of Ceará, where our production is located. A textile region rich in organic leather (goat and cattle), this state of Brazil gives us everything we need in terms of raw materials, as well as qualified labor, which allows us to create a variety of clothes, mainly using lace, linen and cotton, without departing from the best finish. Ceará also teaches us what we need to know in terms of crafts, crochet and leather work.

Cosmic Dance

As a family of travelers, our central idea is to absorb different ethnic styles in the places we visit and bring them to our audience in the form of clothes and accessories. Ethnic fashion, which brings together the best of India, Egypt, Morocco, South America... Be it the shine, the colors and textures, or the style and beauty that only some people have. Here our valued client will have contact with all this and more. They are exactly what inspire us to create. Friends, united by music and the common ideal of a fairer world and healing the planet, we exchange this valuable wisdom, which is the source of creativity that guides us towards balance.