Collection: BAZZAR

Bazzar Goa Nomads is the answer to the fashion industry that produces mountains of waste by discarding materials that could still be used. According to Sebrae, Brazil dumps 170 thousand tons of textile waste annually, recycling only 20%. The other 136 thousand tons end up in landfills and dumps, a shame! With our Bazzar, we give a second chance to garments that have only been used in photo shoots, possibly with small, almost invisible defects or out of stock materials. We have a selection of unique pieces and much more! Join our movement and do your part to preserve the planet. Pachamama thanks you!

**Before purchasing, please carefully check product specifications such as size, color and material, as items in this collection cannot be exchanged or returned. For more information, please contact the customer service team, who are always available to help. The objective is to offer the best possible shopping experience to customers.