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Brahma Shirt - Petroleum Blue

Brahma Shirt - Petroleum Blue

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Enter your height and, optionally, the measurements you want. This piece is custom made for you.

Brahma shirt with a rustic feel, with Cotton, Viscose and Linen in its composition.

Finished with natural coconut buttons. This piece has versatility as a characteristic, being good for social use, as well as casual use and for spiritual practices.

Enter your height; and optionally the measurements you want. This outfit is custom made for you.

Brahma, for Hinduism, is the creator of the universe and perception. The gift given by him is that of conscience, without which there is no perception of our nature. Its four heads look in all directions and guarantee knowledge of the past, present and future. If mantra is capable of bringing us creativity, knowledge and peace.

Oṃ Brahmaṇe Namaḥ

*Your order is custom made, taking 2 to 7 business days of production. In case of urgency, please contact our team.

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