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Cartridge and Pouch c. Stone 2x1 - Beige

Cartridge and Pouch c. Stone 2x1 - Beige

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Goa Nomads in partnership with Arte dos Sonhos

Handmade tote bag and bag, with natural stone - 2x1. Exclusive details in micro macramé technique produced with waxed thread and natural Pink Agate crystal. Made from synthetic leather and waterproof lining. Adjustable strap or belt.

This beautiful item combines beauty and style with versatility, combining the qualities of a waterproof cartridge case and bag.

Macramé is a technique of Babylonian origin that grew at the hands of the Arabs and Turks, who used it in their adornments and clothing, as well as decoration. Today it has become an important source of income for travelers, who take culture from one place to another through jewelry and accessories.

We bring you an option for those who want a stylish item, but without using animal leather.

100% handmade work.
Handmade with lots of love and dedication.

This item is produced by Arte dos Sonhos

*Your order is custom made, taking 2 to 7 business days of production. In case of urgency, please contact our team.

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